Bridge Incompatible API's

BridgeAPI is a serverless integration platform that lets you connect your apps through event-driven workflows.

Current options for developers usually require subscribing to bloated services and granting intrusive permissions in order to connect apps.

With BridgeAPI, simply define your desired workflow and direct your vendor's webhooks or API calls towards your bridge's provided endpoint.

What is BridgeAPI?

BridgeAPI is a free, open-source web developer tool that receives, filters, and forwards HTTP requests. This combination allows developers to set up event-driven workflows in a few simple steps with BridgeAPI as the bridge between apps.

Connect any two APIs

Using BridgeAPI as a proxy gives developers the ability to effortlessly bridge disparate APIs.


Keep your information safe

Your security and privacy are important to us. When you create an environment variable, it is encrypted and hidden from view.
BridgeAPI does not request intrusive permissions to access your essential apps.

Customize your requests

Set your headers, environment variables and payload manually or dynamically using data from inbound requests.


About Us

We are three developers whose goal is to provide an intuitive tool to automate workflows.
Our service is open source, permission free and fully customizable. We hope you enjoy our product and we appreciate any feedback or suggestion that can help us improve it further.

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